Urge Legislators to Support Our Vulnerable Americans Needing Care in the Home!

A message from BAYADA Home Health Care CEO, David Baiada:

We must all get involved in advocacy!

Sharing our voices with our elected leaders in Congress is vital to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) hearing our concerns regarding the impact these rules would have on ourselves, our loved ones, and our caregivers and clients. Home health care companies and even professional advocates and organizations cannot convince the federal government to listen to us alone – We need hundreds of voices with the same message to affect change.

Make your voice heard today!


The more voices in support of home care, the better we can protect the industry and the millions of US residents in need of this care. Please join us by becoming an advocate to make your voice heard today. If you have any questions, email us at [email protected]

Urge Congress to Support Home Health Care!

The Preserving Access to Home Health Act would will prevent CMS from implementing these catastrophic cuts and ensure the future viability of the Medicare home health program.
Please take one minute to send a pre-written email to your Congressional members asking them to sign on to this critical piece of legislation. 

Medicare Payment Cuts Threaten the Home Health Care System – Valued by America’s Seniors and Disabled

How will the 2024 Home Health Payment Cuts Affect Americans?

  • Severely limit access to rehabilitative, home health services for Americans wanting to recover from hospitalizations at home. 
  • Force patients to receive rehabilitation services in costlier institution settings. 
  • Cuts will equate to $375 million in 2024 and $20 billion over the next 10 years – devastating the industry. 

Urge your legislators to STOP THE CUTS

Medicaid's One-Size-Fits All Approach Limits Access to Care for Rural and Underserved Communities

How will the Preserving Access to Care Rule Affect Americans?

  • Severely impacts access to personal care and home health aide services for rural and underserved populations.
  • Limit providers' ability to invest in innovation and training.
  • Drastically increases the cost of doing business, forcing many providers to close their doors in the rural communities.

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Advocate Toolkit

Tell CMS to Stop Additional Cuts to Home Health in 2024 & Beyond

Read H4HC's fact sheet to understand how these cuts will affect you and your loved ones.

Support S. 2137/H.R. 5159 to Save the Medicare Home Health Program

Read the fact sheet from our industry partners regarding current legislation to stop the cuts.

H4HC Advocate Talking Points

Use H4HC's fact sheet when talking with your federal legislators and decision-makers.

Urge Legislators to Support Our Vulnerable Americans Needing Care in the Home!

Make your voice heard today!