Joining + Connecting + Participating = Changing the World

Change comes from taking action — join us and be an active participant in protecting your state’s most vulnerable citizens. You can help change the way home care is accessed, delivered, and funded in your state. Here are some things you can do today:

Join Hearts for Home Care Join our advocacy efforts. The more voices we have, the more powerful our message. Signing up will keep you informed about the issues that are important to you and the activities in which you can participate.

Tell Us About How Home Care Impacts You — There is no more powerful way to educate someone about a topic than through a real-life example. This kind of authentic storytelling brings the listener into your world and gives meaning to your message in a way that nothing else can. Your words—your story—bring your world to life, and educates the people who make decisions that affect Home Care, helping them to understand its significance. You give a voice to all those who rely on Home Care services to live their lives and to keep their families together, including those who work in Home Care.

Do you want to start making a difference today? Share your home care story. Tell us about how Home Care impacts your life.

Need some inspiration? Read some of our advocates' stories:

Haley: Home Care mom of two young boys

Mark: Home Care client and self-advocate

Christine: Home Care employee advocating for her clients

Tara: Home Care mom and employee advocating for her family, and yours

Want to be creative? Make a short video. Answer the question: Why is Home Care important to me?

Connect with your legislator — We can help facilitate different ways for you to connect with your state’s lawmakers. An in-person meeting at your representatives’ local district office or state capitol office is a great way to connect with the people who create home care legislation. For a client, inviting a legislator to visit your home is the most powerful way to demonstrate the importance of Home Care services. You can also send emails and letters expressing your feelings and concerns.

Participate in Lobby Day — Attend a legislative advocacy day in your state capitol and participate in legislator visits, group discussions, photos, and more.

Attend community events — Be sure to check out any local advocacy events throughout the year.

When you join our mailing list, you’ll get notifications of activities going on in your area.

Use social media to spread our message — Connect with Hearts for Home Care on social media and share our posts to help spread our advocacy message. Feel free to create your own as well!

Let us know how you’d like to get involved! Email us at [email protected] or call at 267-592-4855

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