Hearts for Home Care Advocacy Program: We are Stronger Together

Advocacy is simply a word to describe people voicing their opinions on issues they care about, and helping educate public officials so they can make informed decisions. When public officials recognize how important quality home health care is in the lives of so many people, they will be more likely to create laws and rules that support these services.

As Hearts for Home Care advocates, home care employees and clients come together to communicate with legislators and regulators about the policy decisions that affect all of us.

We all have stories to tell—thousands of them. Each story can help encourage public officials and the media to give more support to home health care. We just need to get more stories in front of the right people.

That’s where Hearts for Home Care comes in

By sharing your story, you put a face on Home Health Care and give it a voice. There are many ways to tell stories to help lawmakers better understand what we do. Every time you send an email or write a letter to your legislator, or attend a lobby day, you are telling your story.

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