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The more voices in support of home care, the better we can protect the industry and the millions of US residents in need of this care. If state and federal legislators aren’t aware of the challenges facing home care today–and the essential benefit it provides to our most vulnerable populations—they won’t be part of the solution.

Advocacy raises US and state legislators’ awareness and support of home care, which is why these activities are so essential. 

Opportunities as a H4HC Advocate include:

  • Building relationships with direct-constituent legislators through outreach and legislative meetings.
  • Sharing home care experiences with public officials by conducting legislative home visits, developing connections via social media, etc.
  • Sharing H4HC social media posts and advocacy opportunities with family and friends to raise awareness and build community.
  • Responding to industry action alerts regarding potential legislative changes that affect home care.
  • Other opportunities and events to meet other home care advocates, legislators, and the H4HC team.

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