23 BAYADA Advocates Gather for Inspiring and Record Breaking Legislative Day in Columbia, SC

On April 4, 21 energetic BAYADA employees and two BAYADA Pediatrics gathered in South Carolina’s state capitol for a day of meaningful and heartfelt advocacy. The South Carolina Home Care and Hospice Association hosted its second annual Legislative and Advocacy Day, and this year, a record-breaking total of nearly 50 advocates attended! BAYADA’s 23 Hearts for Home Care Ambassadors, clients, and service and support employees walked the halls with a clear message: Investing in our Medicaid Waiver programs will save the state money and keep our medically fragile children, disabled adults, and seniors home with their loved ones and out of higher cost facilities. 

With their passionate message in hand, advocates spoke with over 50 legislators about the importance of home care. The highlight of the day was the recognition we received on the house floor by Speaker Pro Tempore Representative Tommy Pope!

BAYADA employees were excited and inspired by the impact they made that day. Below, please find several quotes and pictures submitted by our advocates.

Brandon Keisler, Haley Keisler, Rep. Jimmy Bales, Stephanie Black, and home care clients Max and Matthew K.
“It was an honor to participate in this year’s Advocacy and Legislative Day, to be a part of such an impactful team, and especially to bring my two boys with special needs to the event. It was a wonderful to be able show the representatives firsthand why we need higher Medicaid reimbursement rates in South Carolina.” 
 -Haley Keisler

Dan Noel, Jen Collier, Rep. Bruce Bryant, and Amy Ramey.

“Speaking with legislators about the need for higher Medicaid reimbursement rates in South Carolina was an amazing experience. We had a great turnout and I was especially pleased with all the love our GAO offices showed our state; their support was energizing– what a great group of people!”  –Amy Ramey

“It was overwhelming to see so many people come together for a common goal. We advocated for something so important and I am so proud to have been a part of that!”   -Jennifer Collier

Alisa Borovik, Nicole Lugo, Rep. Sam Rivers, Tara Montague, and Jaime Bennett.

“This was my first Legislative Day and it certainly will not be my last. It was truly remarkable for all of us to come together from different BAYADA backgrounds to make this day a success. I look forward to advocating for my company and my state in the future!”
-Jaime Bennett

Nicole Lugo, Nancy Mace, and Lee Dobson.


“It was encouraging to see the growth of our advocacy group over one year and it is clear that BAYADA has the opportunity to be the biggest voice for home care in South Carolina.”

-Nicole Lugo

Louise Lindenmeier, Rep. Leon Howard, and Tim Peterkin.

“It was truly a pleasure to connect with our South Carolina legislators to explain how our services can keep their constituents at home, explain the cost savings of home care versus hospitals and facilities, and connect legislators with The BAYADA Way and our purpose and mission.”

-Tim Peterkin

Pictured: Ryan Burnaugh, Rep. G. Murrell Smith, Melissa Allman, and Dave Totaro.


“We believe Home Care is important to our communities, and I support the good work you do. Please let me know how I can help you.”

-SC House Ways and Means Health and Human Services Subcommittee Chairman Rep. G. Murrell Smith


Karen Noblett, Foster Krebs, Speaker Pro Tempore Tommy Pope, Maggie Tracey, and Melissa Allman.

“The South Carolina Legislative Day was a great opportunity to meet with legislators and talk to them about the importance of investing in home care. The value of having Melissa Allman as our full time GAO director was evident, as many legislators recognized her and were happy to meet with us because of that relationship. I can’t wait to see the impact that BAYADA has on laws affecting home care!”  -Foster Krebs

Nicole Lugo, Rep. Neal Collins, Tara Montague, Jaime Bennett, and Dominic Molin.

“Over the course of the day I felt a strong sense of comradery, pride, and support when—no matter where I looked—I saw a colleague dressed in their finest BAYADA red! It was great to be a part of something bigger than myself by advocating for those who need it most.”

-Dominic Molin

Dave Totaro, Rep. Katherine Arrington, and Laura Jaycox.


“Legislative Day made it possible to get involved and support home care even though I had no prior experience. I enjoyed meeting everyone and learned so much. Thank you so much to Melissa, GAO, and my fellow advocates for all of your knowledge and support!”

-Laura Jaycox

 to all of our BAYADA office employees that participated in 2018’s Legislative and Advocacy Day!

Hearts for Home Care advocates in South Carolina Capitol for Lobby Day

SC Ambassadors:
Stephanie Black (COA)
Jaime Bennett (VMC)
Jennifer Collier (CV)
Laura Jaycox (VMC)
Haley Keisler (CLP)
Foster Krebs (GP)
Nicole Lugo (CCP)
Dan Noel (RHV)
Timothy Peterkin (GP/CLP)
Amy Ramey (RHS)
Dominic Molin (USP)

Matthew K. (CLP Client)
Max K. (CLP Client)
Brandon Keisler (Haley’s Husband and Father to Max and Matthew)

GAO Team:
Melissa Allman
Alisa Borovik
Lee Dobson
Louise Lindenmeier
Tara Montague
Laura Ness
Dave Totaro
Maggie Tracey
Cai Yoke