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Why is Advocacy Essential?

Despite the fact that many people in government and regulatory positions agree that home health care is a cost-effective, patient-preferred solution, it continues to be prioritized below institutional care. Not investing in home care will decrease the supply of qualified workers, increase turnover, and compromise the quality of home care services.

That’s why we created the Hearts for Home Care program. The more voices in support of home care, the better we can protect the industry and the millions of US residents in need of this care. If politicians, media, and key decision makers aren’t aware of the challenges facing home care today–and the essential benefit it provides to our most vulnerable populations—they won’t be part of the solution.

But when organizations like H4HC advocate for those who can’t advocate for themselves, change for the better can happen: new laws are drafted and policies are amended to strengthen support of these important services. Advocacy raises awareness and gets things done, which is why these activities are so essential.

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Our Movement is Nationwide

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“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”.

A Personal Message from the H4HC Team

Dear Reader,

Hearts for Home Care (H4HC) started in 2016 as an idea by BAYADA Home Health Care’s government affairs office. As a group of lobbyists who strived to show legislators that home care policies need to be strengthened, we quickly realized that legislators could understand home care’s impact much better through individuals’ unique stories—not just our words and data points. Our vision was to create a brand where anyone who cared about home care—not just those affiliated with BAYADA—would be encouraged to get involved in advocacy. H4HC has grown into a diverse group of like-minded individuals across the US who care about home care, and make it our mission to show state and federal decision makers that they need to care about home care too.

Hearts for Home Care are everywhere—from the man you see on the bus traveling to check on his elderly mother every morning, to the nurse stuck in traffic on her way to make sure her pediatric client can have a safe day at school, to the woman at the grocery store who doesn’t have first-hand experience with home care, but knows that she does not want to end up in a nursing home—these are all examples of individuals who are Hearts for Home Care.

When legislators make budgetary and policy decisions, they can often only see the programs they are speaking about as numbers on a spreadsheet. H4HC strives to empower individuals and communities to show our decision-makers what home care really is, and what happens when it is not a viable career option for professionals or a readily accessible healthcare option for medically-fragile populations. As someone who experiences home care, you have a unique story to tell. And when we join together and share our individual journeys and challenges, it paints a picture of what home care really is.

So while H4HC started as a project within BAYADA Home Health Care’s government affairs office, it has grown into a brand that encompasses many individuals, families, and professionals beyond BAYADA’s reach. Our voice would not be unique or compelling if we were to represent only one organization’s interests. Instead, we aim to be the collective voice of the home care community at-large—and that includes you. And no matter what company, if any, you are affiliated with—we need your voice and your advocacy to be successful.

Join us today by signing up and learning about what you can do to be a part of our growing movement. Whether you only have a minute a day or even less, it takes little to show that you are a Heart for Home Care.

To learn more about some of the issues we are discussing with legislators, click here.

Please consider joining us today to make an impact,

Dave Totaro
President & Executive Director, BAYADA Hearts for Home Care