A Glimpse at Advocacy in 2024

2024 is just around the corner which means so is the start of new legislative sessions!

This means that across the country, state legislatures will be starting the new year with new agendas, budgets, and priorities that will set the tone for our advocacy efforts. Most state legislatures are part-time, meaning they have a very limited time throughout the year in which they can pass legislation and get their priorities across the finish line. Which is why January through June is generally the busiest time of the year for our advocates as they travel nationwide, visiting with their lawmakers at the state capitals, speaking out in the media, inviting lawmakers in their homes, and making their voices heard!

So how can you get involved in 2024?

Advocacy Days

Well, the first option is to join us at your state’s capital during an Advocacy Day! Advocacy Days consist of a large group of advocates who travel to places like Harrisburg, PA, Dover, DE, and Raleigh, NC and take part in meeting with their direct-constituent legislators to tell their personal stories and ask for support of home care specific priorities. These days are a great opportunity to not only meet one-on-one with your lawmakers, but also meet like-minded people in your community who may have similar experiences as you.

Here is a list of the upcoming Advocacy Days that you can join us at!

  • Florida Advocacy Day in Tallahassee: January 25 (registration is open!)
  • South Carolina Advocacy Day in Columbia: TBD
  • Pennsylvania Advocacy Day in Harrisburg: April 9
  • Delaware Advocacy Day in Dover: May 16
  • North Carolina Advocacy Day in Raleigh: May 22

Check back to our Events page to register for these upcoming days!

Share Your Story

Another way to get involved is to share your story with us! We utilize the media to help generate public and legislative awareness of our issues. These stories are essential to help humanize the issues we advocate for and make lawmakers aware of the obstacles their constituents are facing.

  • Have you taken care of an aging parent and struggled to find enough home health aides who could help?
  • Do you have a medically fragile child that you cannot find enough nursing coverage for?
  • Are you a caregiver who loves what you do, but struggles to make ends meet due to low wages?
  • Are you a nurse that has left home care to go work in a hospital or facility because you can make more money?
  • Are you a home care employee who sees the value of home care services and wants to help more people access it?

These are the types of stories we look to highlight with the help of reporters and local media. Media coverage is a highly effective way to put pressure on lawmakers and ensure they know what is happening in their communities.

Share your personal home care story HERE!

Invite a Legislator into Your Home!

Legislative home visits are one of the most effective advocacy efforts to help move the needle on changing home care funding and policies. It’s sometimes difficult for lawmakers to truly understand the ins and outs of what it looks like to be cared for in your own home. Showcasing the state-of-the-art equipment, how your caregiver helps you with daily living activities, what happens when your caregiver calls out sick or can’t make it… A home visit depicts all of these things and gives you an opportunity to have a legislator’s undivided attention in the comfort of your home.

Lawmakers have said on many occasions how home visits were much more powerful and productive than any meeting they’ve had in their offices, because they can actually witness why home care is essential for their constituents.

H4HC can help coordinate setting up a home visit for you! Please reach out to Mike Sokoloski if you are interested in this unique advocacy opportunity.

Action Alerts and Petitions

One of the least time consuming and easiest ways to get involved in 2024 is participating in our state and federal action alerts and petitions! H4HC sends these alerts and petitions out via email and all you have to do is fill in your name, address, and contact information and a pre-written email will be sent directly to your legislator asking them to support home care funding and priorities. It takes less than a minute to complete! The more people that send emails, the louder our collective voice is!

Be on the lookout for action alerts and petitions to help advocate for home care!