Advocacy Opportunities for our Field Staff

Submitted by Mike Sokoloski, Manager, Grassroots Advocacy (GAO)

Over the past two months, the Government Affairs Office (GAO) and a few award winning Hearts for Home Care ambassadors have met twice to enhance our advocacy opportunities for your colleagues in the field.  We are excited about the future of our Hearts for Home Care program, and I ask you to reach out to me if you know of any field staff that would like to be part of our advocacy efforts.  We are looking to: build Awareness, Inspire engagement, and Motive advocates!  For the links and more ways for field staff to be involved, visit our website: or email me at: [email protected].

Photo GAO (left to right): Mike Sokoloski, Melissa Zuzolo, Alisa Borovik, Lee Dobson, Louise Lindenmeier, and Shannon Gahs