BAYADA Officially Launches Government Affairs Office Overseeing New York and Rhode Island

The Government Affairs Office (GAO) is excited to announce its expansion into New York and Rhode Island! Expansion into both states means that GAO can begin directly lobbying state lawmakers for better home care policies and reimbursement rates, and can begin to directly involve New York and Rhode Island staff, clients, and families in advocacy efforts.

What is GAO’s mission?

  • The BAYADA Government Affairs Office (GAO) will represent the Company to all levels of local, state and federal government entities, regulatory agencies and community organizations (What we do)
  • Our mission is to act as a voice for our clients, their families and our employees through education, advocacy, service and research (What makes us different)
  • This will result in legislation, regulation, and policies which are supportive of home care services that provide the highest quality of care and will enable patients to remain in their homes (What benefits our clients receive)

What are GAO’s goals?

  • Build awareness
  • Secure adequate resources
  • Foster policies supportive of home health care
  • Engage staff and clients in advocacy on behalf of BAYADA staff and clients

How does GAO accomplish its mission and goals?

GAO operates through a three-pronged approach:

  • Direct Lobbying: Accomplished mainly through the GAO director as determined by BAYADA leadership in the state
  • Grassroots Advocacy: GAO engages employees, clients, and families through our Hearts for Home Care program and our Ambassador program, and through our PACs. Like our Hearts for Home Care Facebook page to be updated on our efforts and relevant home care news.
  • Supporting our Champions: BAYADA supports state and federal legislators that support home care. Legislators that support home care understand our industry’s issues and our staff and clients’ needs. BAYADA supports our champions largely through our state and federal Political Action Committees (PACs). Rhode Island and New York do not yet have PACs, but stay tuned! Full-time, exempt and salaried office employees are able to support our federal legislators by joining BAYADA’s federal PAC.