BAYADA Submits Opposition Letters to a Certificate of Need (CON) Carve-out

Last month, 100% of our Medicare offices advocated for maintaining a level-playing field and allowing patient choice by opposing a CON carve-out petition. After their four failed legislative attempts last session to receive a CON carve-out, LeadingAge Inc. – the association representing the Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) – submitted a petition to the State Health Coordinating Council (SHCC) requesting CCRCs be allowed to open a Medicare home health office without meeting the requirements outlined in North Carolina statute regarding CON. LeadingAge contend their CCRC residents would rather receive home health services from someone with a CCRC name badge than an “outside” Medicare provider, like BAYADA. In their testimony, LeadingAge indicated that there is no access to care for their residents. Further, LeadingAge indicated they wanted to restrict choice to their on-site agency. The Department received comments to the petition and record 88 letters in opposition, 10 of which were from BAYADA. Each director submitted unique comments. SHCC will consider the comments before rendering a decision later this month.

If you have any questions about CON or what you can do to help advocate for policies beneficial to BAYADA and the home care industry in North Carolina, email me at [email protected].

Special High Five to our directors for taking a stand to maintain patient choice!

CAV – Rochelle Harbick
CV – Rochelle Harbick
DAV – Tonya Wishon
FSV – Alexa Ciancia
GAV – Tonya Steelman
GUV – Chelsea Nedwick
PRV – Kathleen Hanline
RV – Trekelia Chavis
SV – Alicia Wyatt