Hearts for Home Care Media Review 2023

If you’re reading this, then you know why home care is important.

Among other factors, home care is cost-effective for patients, families, and governments. It’s also the patient-preferred setting that keeps vulnerable individuals out of ambulances, ERs, and long-term medical facilities. But medically-fragile individuals and their families continue to face enormous hurdles in accessing quality, reliable care. This is in large part due to the lack of general awareness of home care.

When more individuals know about the merits of home care, the more people support it.

But many people don’t know much about home care until they need it, and realize they can’t access it.

That’s why we must advocate now – so that home care is reliable and accessible for ourselves and our loved ones today and in the future.

Hearts for Home Care (H4HC) has made public and legislative awareness its priority since its inception. Throughout this past year, advocates have shared their voices, and media attention has enabled those voices to reach legislators and the public far and wide.

This year, more than 40 advocates were featured in news stories showing home care’s power and importance. H4HC earned 48 media pieces in television, radio, print, and online news outlets. These 48 pieces have reached an estimated 67 million individuals via traditional news. H4HC social media also continues to grow and reach new audiences as well: H4HC Facebook, X, and Instagram reach has increased by 25% over 2022—making nearly 700,000 impressions in 2023!

Here are just a few of the home care advocacy stories that have been in the news this year:

Matter-of-Fact with Soledad O’Brien showed in-depth coverage at what home health aides do, who they help to keep at home, and why low government funding makes it difficult for compassionate and reliable caregivers to stay in the home care field. This piece aired in 141 markets around the US.

ABC 25 in Columbia, SC followed advocates who came to the South Carolina state house this year. Clients like LaMondre and other advocates met with legislators so that they could get a first-hand account of what home care means to individuals in their communities.

New Jersey resident Noriko is an advocate for her son, T.K. Here they are pictured with NJ Assemblywoman Angela McKnight. Assemblywoman McKnight took the time to visit Noriko and T.K. to gain a broader understanding of how she can support their needs, and the needs of thousands of state residents like them. NJ.com is a major outlet, boasting millions of readers, and Noriko penned this op-ed so that other legislators and families could get a glimpse into home care.

Donald Henderson (left) has taken care of many clients like his brother. WSOC-TV Channel 9 in Charlotte, NC covered the pair’s story. Donald knows that few caregivers could afford to stay in home care if pay for home health aides were cut. Advocates are thankful that the NC legislature voted to increase funding for home care services.

Delaware home care advocate Ben Shrader is pictured here with his home health aide, Alexis. They are in Delaware’s state house in Dover, asking legislators to support caregivers like Alexis and families like the Shraders. WMDT’s Hannah Cechini covered this story and helped Ben share his message.

Emily Brong and her nurse Tamie came to Harrisburg to join hundreds of other home care advocates in support of better home care funding. Pennsylvania lawmakers have not properly adjusted PA’s home care funding formula, which lags behind. Lehighton area outlet Times News Online covered this story in 2023, and H4HC advocates will continue the fight in Harrisburg in 2024.

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A heartwarming story in Minnesota about a baby aptly named Brave, who graduated from the NICU and came home. Many families struggle to bring their babies home after they are medically cleared for discharge, because there aren’t enough home care nurses in the workforce. Minneapolis’s KSPT-TV shared Brave’s story earlier this year.

Thank you to the dozens of advocates who understood the importance of media exposure in spreading the Hearts for Home Care message. Hearts for Home Care hopes to top 2023 coverage in the coming year and we need your help!

Share your unique home care stories with us here!