Strategically Utilizing Media to Advocate for Nursing Rate Increases Proves Effective in Rhode Island

Mitzi Page and her son, Kyle, both of East Providence, are one of the several families that were covered in the media in an effort to increase Rhode Island’s reimbursement rates for in-home skilled nursing services.

BAYADA’s Government Affairs Office (GAO) always seeks new ways to accomplish BAYADA’s legislative goals. In the past two years, GAO solidified a grassroots advocacy team to engage staff, clients, and families in advocating for better home care rates and policies. Even more recently, GAO has begun to see how much media attention on home care issues can further our message and help us reach our legislative goals.

Earlier this year, BAYADA contracted with Regan Communications to bring attention to the need for a state Medicaid reimbursement rate increase. Regan helped BAYADA gain the media coverage necessary to reveal Rhode Island families’ access to care issues and the bleed-out of in-home nurses, who are better paid to do similar work in other settings and neighboring states. Regan was able to assist BAYADA in gaining the momentum necessary to successfully bring the increase across the finish line! 

GAO is pleased to announce that BAYADA has extended our contract with Regan through the end of the year. Additionally, GAO is exploring a more extensive contract with Regan across our major media markets, and has expanded our in-house public affairs program with Public Affairs Manager Alisa Borovik.

Below, please find the media coverage that Regan Communications helped BAYADA earn throughout our campaign for increased reimbursement rates for in-home skilled nursing services

4/11/18 – Channel 10, NBC 10 I-Team, Home care pay gap hurting vulnerable families.

5/2/18 – Channel 12, Bill aims to increase pay for RI’s home care nurses.

5/16/18 – Cranston Herald, Cranston family lobbies for in-home nurses’ pay increases.

5/22/18 – The Valley Breeze, Lack of home nurses spells trouble for families.

6/12/18 – Newport Daily News, Rhode Island dealing with shortage of home health-care nurses.