The State of the US BAYADA PAC

BAYADA Chief Government Affairs Officer Dave Totaro (left) and Director of Government Affairs for Delaware and Maryland Shannon Gahs (right) pose with Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) (center)

Election years present a time of challenge for the healthcare industry. Luckily, our federal PAC remains strong. Year to date, we collectively have contributed $35,152 to US BAYADA PAC. The PAC has made $38,900 in contributions to federal candidates and committees.  Carrying over some funds raised in previous years, we are entering Election 2018 with $59,620 in our war chest and a plan for how to use it most intelligently to help key legislators who have proven to be Champions of Home Health Care.

10 people, or 100% of company leaders are members of the US BAYADA PAC.

78 people, or 45% of Regional, Division and Area Directors are members of the US BAYADA PAC.

145 people, or 31% of Directors are members of the US BAYADA PAC.

157 people, or 6% of eligible Managers and employees below the Director level are members of the US BAYADA PAC.

We met a person at a home health care conference who told us that PACs are only about the (derogatorily) “special interests.” A teachable moment! We were happy to let her know that PACs are formed by all sorts of groups of individuals who share at least one common value. By her being at that conference, she was showing that home health care mattered to her. PACs are another way to show what you value, and to come together as a group of citizens to help legislators who share that value be re-elected.  It is expensive to run for office. PAC funds are most commonly used by candidate campaigns to purchase yard signs, to print and mail postcards, and to buy ads.

How big is our PAC?  By comparison, in our most recent six-quarter reports (which cover January 2017-June 2018):

  • Johnson & Johnson PAC raised $908,803.
  • Walgreen Co PAC raised $334,162.
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina PAC raised $215,223.
  • US BAYADA PAC raised $100,223.
  • Maxim Healthcare PAC raised $72,473.
  • LHC Group PAC raised $64,108.
  • Almost Family PAC raised $25,809.