Advocacy Efforts Persist Despite Unusual Legislative Session

Although the General Assembly typically adjourns legislative session by end of June or early July, this year has proven to be anything but normal. Instead of adjournment with sine die, which indicates no further business is scheduled this session, the Republican majority has called back lawmakers after November’s  mid-term elections. Beyond campaigning, lawmakers continue to hold committee meetings to move legislative business forward. Despite this unusual legislative session, the Government Affairs Office (GAO) continues our efforts to educate legislators on our home care priorities.  Building relationship never stops–in or out of session.

Looking ahead, the GAO Advisory Council–comprised of NC leadership representing every practice–is scheduled to meet on October 23 to identify BAYADA’s legislative priorities for 2019. While rate increases are top priority, the Advisory Council will consider other issues that impact our ability to deliver quality care to clients in their homes. If you have an idea or concern regarding legislative or regulatory issues that impact BAYADA, we’d love to hear from you!

Thank you to our ambassadors and advocates who continue to advocate on behalf of BAYADA’s clients and employees. If you’d like to learn more about our goals, or would like to get involved in advocacy, contact [email protected].