Ambassador Spotlight: GA Ambassador of the Year Doug McNew (NAP)

“Be creative, flexible, and determined—get the job done for our clients.” – The BAYADA Way 

GA Ambassador of the Year Doug McNew hosted Rep. Terry England on a home visit with client Laney and her mom Erin. Here Laney is pictured with her nurse, Katie.

At BAYADA, one of the most impactful way we can educate legislators on the importance of home care is through home visits. A home visit occurs when an office employee brings a legislature into a client’s home to show them first-hand the level of care that goes into keeping a vulnerable individual safe and healthy at home. In the past quarter, North Atlantic Pediatrics (NAP) director and 2018 Georgia Ambassador of the Year Doug McNew hosted two impactful home visits—one that even led to increased hours to pediatric client Laney!

In May, Doug, nurse Katie, and Laney’s family hosted Appropriations Committee Chairman representative Terry England (R – District 116) in Laney’s home. This home visit was an incredible opportunity to show Chariman England how much care goes into keeping Laney home. After a recent hospitalization, Laney’s mom reached out to GAO Director Melissa Allman to ask for Chairman England’s support to help during this time. Without hesitation, Chairman England reached out to his contacts at the Department of Community Health to voice his support for increased hours for Laney. And it worked: the Department approved the request! Kudos to Doug and the entire NAP team for going above and beyond to support Laney during this time! 

Doug recently hosted his second home visit with Speaker Pro Temp Jan Jones (R – District 47) and Representative Chuck Martin (R – District 49) with NAP client Matthew and his father, Rick, to discuss their current challenges with the current GAPP program and resources available for Matthew.  During the home visit, both Rep. Jones and Rep. Martin showed great interest, asked questions, and requested to continue our brainstorming efforts to ensure our families are receiving the care they need in their homes. 

In addition to home visits, Doug continues to move forward with meetings and recommendations to the Department of Community Health. In May, Doug and GAO met with the director of DCH and submitted recommendations to the current pediatric personal care programs.  The director was very open, and willing to discuss the changes with her medical directors.  Establishing these changes will allow the office to provide additional care to their pediatric nursing clients. This would reduce the two supervisory monthly visits per employee down to one monthly visit, and be a cost savings to the office. 

Thank you, Doug, for your continued commitment to advocacy on behalf of our clients through home visits! GAO needs your help showing how home care impacts so many individuals across Georgia and beyond. If you have a similar story, or family who would be willing to host a home visit, please contact Melissa Allman, and she will assist you in coordinating. These are great opportunities to not only to educate our lawmakers on how important home care is to Laney and others like her, but to also support our clients and families during a time in need.