Federal PAC Update: How Far your US PAC Contributions Go






Thank you to all our BAYADA US PAC members and for your continued contributions. With your support we have been able to support the US Congressional and Senatorial campaigns of our Champions who advocate for our clients.

Each of our home care legislative Champions are part of several key movements in Congress such as sponsoring corrective legislation regarding Medicare and Medicaid. Above is the 2018 list of those who we have supported to and a graph that shows which candidates which were re-elected during the November 6 midterm elections. If there are House, Senate, or gubernatorial members you would like to represent, please reach out to the U.S. PAC Board for further approval (see below).

US PAC fundraisers made possible by your Contributions and support:

On October 11,  Mark Baiada, David Baiada, and the US PAC held a fundraiser for Congressman Frank Pallone (D-NJ). He serves as the ranking member of the Energy and Commerce Committee and is an avid advocate for affordable healthcare. Due to his powerful position, and now that his party has taken control of the house, Pallone will be in a key position to lead major discussions to strengthen the nation’s healthcare system.


“Being my first GAO function, the event was so interesting to me. I have always been a believer in supporting our PAC. Though I do not consider myself a very ‘politically active’ person, this event piqued my interest. I appreciate the opportunity to be able to join in person, and am excited to be more involved in the future.” —Keri Lamont, Area Sales Director (BLH) and BAYADA US PAC member shares her thoughts after attending Cong. Pallone’s fundraiser

On November 5, Chief Government Affairs Officer David Totaro and Senior Associate Lindsey Wright attended a fundraiser for Congressman Vern Buchanan (R-FL). He listened to everyone’s concern about the most recent CMS final rule and is ready to take action. Buchanan is a cosponsor of H.R. 6932, legislation introduced in the House, that would ensure Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 reforms better align payment with patient characteristics and quality.


New US PAC Board Member Update

Recently the U.S. PAC Board called for nominations or self-nominations to take the recently open board member position. Our previous board member, Apple Blossom Division Director Jean Mullin, left BAYADA on her well-deserved retirement. Though we are sad to see her go, we have appreciated her contribution and dedication to the US PAC. With an empty seat on our three-member board, we opened an election to our US PAC members to vote on the three nominees who came forward. The ballot included PED Director Christine Rios, Camellia Division Director JoAnn Saxby, and Dogwood Group Regional Director Shannon McCarson.

After the election was closed, we are happy to announce Shannon McCarson has filled the seat. He is very qualified for this position with his interest in advocacy and knowledge on the local level with politics. He has been a wonderful addition and brings independent thoughts to the meetings. He joins Chief Government Affairs Officer David Totaro and Government Affairs Director Shannon Gahs as part of that three-member board for the Federal PAC at BAYADA. The US PAC raises over $100,000 annually to our in-person and grassroots efforts to establish BAYADA as a leader in home health care advocacy. We are able to contribute to candidates who are strong supporters for home health care, our clients, our employees, and our mission. Please join us in congratulating Shannon on joining the US PAC Board.