Mailing to NJ Clients

Submitted by Louise Lindenmeier, Director, Government Affairs (GAO)

Care Connection client newsletters mailed out to clients throughout NJ at the end of September included a tear-off flyer about Hearts for Home Care.  The top half of the flyer briefly describes the H4HC program and how important it is for clients and families to share their voices. Clients can fill out the bottom half and indicate how they would like to be involved in advocacy in the future. The page can be torn off and folded and has pre-paid postage on it so all a client has to do is staple or tape the top and drop it in the mail.


Please encourage your clients to complete the flyer and mail it back. Or you can even ask them to complete the flyer during a visit and then put the flyer in the mail on your way out. Thanks in advance for your help with this important initiative.